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In our dogs' eyes is light that shines. Our job is to keep that light shining. - Suzanne Clothier

Important information: Shining Eyes Dog Training changed the name to Dog Focused. You can find the website at:

Dogs are awesome animals. I'm sure you will agree. They are loyal, intelligent and have a fantastic sense of humour. They are part of our lives and we feel deeply connected to them.

We want to give them the best life we can. A life filled with love, fresh air, nutritious food, play and companionship.

But we also need to teach them how to be the best dogs they possibly can. Teaching should be as important as love and food; a necessity, not luxury. And it shouldn't be forced upon them, they should be encouraged to willingly participate and to love it!

Shining Eyes Dog Training offers just that, and then some more. A truly immersive and enjoyable experience of teaching your dog in a way he chooses. Based mainly on play and positive reinforcement training which will transform your dog and change the way you look at him.

Choose between Behaviour Consultations, Intensive Training and One-to-one Training. All my services are designed with you and your dog in mind.

Whether you wish to enrich your buddy's life, brush up on vital life skills, try some awesome activities, or you need to tackle a behaviour problem that bothers you both, and you want to do it with respect and love - get in touch and I'll be there for you!

Together we will make a plan and get you on the right path so you can start seeing improvements immediately. You don't need to stress and worry any more, we can start working right now.

I believe training a dog is more effective and relevant when it happens in his every-day environment. All my training and behaviour sessions take place at your home and in all the places you frequently go to. We also have to remember that not all dogs thrive in class, and not all people.

To complement training and behaviour programmes you can try K9 Nosework. It is a great exercise for your dog's fantastic sense of smell and it will help him, and you, to relax. Workshops are also available.

I designed my services with you and your dog in mind.

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