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"In our dogs' eyes there is light that shines. Our job is to keep that light shining" -Suzanne Clothier

Are you puzzled by your dog's behaviour?

Would you like to know how to train your dog in a modern, positive way?

Choose between Behaviour Consultations, Intensive Training and One-to-one Training. All my services are designed with you and your dog in mind.

Together we will make a plan and get you on the right path so you can start seeing improvements immediately. No more stress and worry, the help is right here!

I believe training a dog is more effective and relevant when it happens in the dog's every-day environment. All my training and behaviour sessions take place at your home and in all the places you frequently go to.

You can choose how much you want to be involved in the training process. I can do most of the work for you if you wish. I understand that you may not be as enthusiastic about dog training as I am but you still want to enjoy your well behaved canine companion.

You will get practical and down-to-earth explanations and tips to manage your dog's existing behaviours and train new ones. And above all: you and your dog will create a partnership based on mutual trust and understanding.

I only use force-free, motivational, reward based training methods. I may alternate between treats, toys, games and personal interaction to get the best results.

To complement training and behaviour programmes you can try K9 Nosework. It is a great exercise for your dog's fantastic sense of smell and it will help him, and you, to relax. Workshops available on a regular basis.

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