Behaviour Consultations

Solve your dog's behaviour problems! Lunging at other dogs, jumping up on people, barking, food guarding and more can be solved in a non-confrontational way with the right approach. As an educated behaviour consultant I have a working knowledge and experience of many different solutions to problematic behaviours. I am constantly studying dog behaviour and reading new research to give you the best help there is. Just imagine how much easier life will be once your dog's issues become a thing of the past... 

The most common behaviour problem I work with is  reactivity and aggression, mainly to other dogs but also to people. Initially I arrange set-ups with my own dogs who are well used to this kind of work and do not react to aggressive displays. We work at a suitable distance so your dog remains relaxed and focused and only decrease the distance when the dog is ready. The set-ups allow you and your dog to learn new skills in a controlled environment and at your own pace. After a couple of set-up sessions we start working in a park and/or your neighbourhood where you normally walk your dog and we transfer the skills we learned during the set-ups.

Price: Initial consultation: £50 (up to two hours long) 
           Follow up sessions: £35 (one hour long)
                                                                               Discounts available on packages of 3 or more sessions.            

Please note that a small travel fee will be added if you live more than 10 miles from Perth.

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To schedule consultation phone 07593 032 280, e-mail: or click here and start today!